Thank you for the years of wonderful service you and your staff have provided. I regard your fee as the best value of anything related to our cruising life.
Michael & Roberta Hilbruner s/y Celilo

I really appreciated your ( and Stormy's ) guidance as we made our way from Mystic to Antigua. In particular the ability to touch base over SSB as conditions changed was a real comfort. A great example was our decision to detour to Bermuda enroute. We missed several uncomfortable days at sea while making some needed adjustments in Georgetown Harbor. A real win win.
Not that I was surprised. In the years we have worked together my expectations have been that you and your team's advice will allow us to make the best of the weather we have to work with. Certainly these expectations were met on our trip to Antigua.
Tom Lane, s/y Rally Point

Thanks for a job well done! We have read about your services in various trade journals we have now learned first hand about you and your services helping us dodge weather and plan leg departures that saw us make our homeport one day early ahead of Hurricane Henri. MWxC talks the talk and walks the walk every day.
Kevin & Dina Walsh, sly Galatea

Thank you so much for all the support on our trip to Azores, it was crucial! It was our first passage so we're a bit uncertain about which path to follow and which way to go during the passage, so your messages we're very helpful.

I will recommend anyone that dreams about doing the Atlantic cross to rely on your services. That are not only specific and tactical but also a peace of mind that we're in good hands.

Mariana & Sergio Schwarz, s/y Barba Negra

Oroboro safely arrived arrived in Portimao yesterday at 12:00 UTC.
Other than losing one propeller for mysterious reasons, this crossing went very well.
Your help has been greatly appreciated, can't think of doing it again without you.
2 other boats left Bahamas same day as us, they didn't have you and ended up making more miles, spending two days hove to in the cold front, and beating they're way to Lisbon across the Low off the Portuguese coast.
We were in contact with them on a daily basis and plotting their position.
If this isn't a good testament to your work, what is.
Francesco Pugliano, s/y Oroboro, Leopard 40

I love telling new Cruisers the story of how we went without your
services for about 2 years, but then got 'schooled' by weather off the
southern shores of Grand Bahamas. We texted friends of our about our
experience, and they said, "Didn't you read Chris Parker's forecast? He
said it was going to be bad!" They sent us a sample of your
forecasts, and I saw their value, even though I thought myself a
reasonably good weather forecaster. Since then, you've been our
"insurance & trusty second opinion", and that has made our passages so
much better. Your personal forecasts are also Wonderful. Many thanks!
Rhonda & Bruce Hoglund, s/y The Norm

Thank you so much for all your professional advice which helped navigate us between tropical storm Eta and Gale warnings.

We enjoyed our trip down to Key West and back to Tampa with pleasant conditions both ways.

All the weather apps seem confused but your forecast advice has been excellent!
John & Karen Price, s/y Promise

I’m pleased to tell you the winds and seas today are exactly as you advised me to expect three days ago. Both as part of the Salty Dawg Rally group, and my personal routing and weather requests, I am again in your gratitude and so appreciative of your services, skills and dedication. I am amazed how often I receive emails from you posted well after midnight, only to catch your 6 am advisories short hours later.

Your forecasts and route suggestions were spot on, giving us the best ride possible for this often-upwind route. Miriam was nervous about this passage after so many quickly forming storms this year. I was able several times, even in rough conditions, to show her your spot-on forecast for those conditions, and it was very reassuring to her. Thank you again.
Matt & Miriam Hagans, s/y Amajen

Ordered your coastal and offshore weather book couple weeks ago, and loving it!
Moist air is lighter than dry air, whaaaaat lol
And the lapse rate, mind blown lol
I'm looking up at clouds each day with a totally different perspective.
Already learned a ton, it's a great read and I'm only a few pages in.
My seaschool and uscg manuals went into some of this, but nowhere near the detail or laymans explanation that you provide so well.
Chris Clifton, USCG master 25t

Great weather service, way better than others i've tried. Your synopsis gives a good mental picture of whats going on and you propose routing alternatives. Your speed assumptions have matched our vessel performance, forecast details are accurate, and tactical advice useful, Makes things very simple.
Ryan Trollip, s/y Alexandra, Hunter 50' trimaran, Hawaii to Seattle

thank you so much for your weather routing work for our passage east across the Atlantic.

We arrived in Guernsey yesterday (Wed 24 Jun) at 0900Z and many of our friends have written to congratulate us on a fast passage and for having played the weather so well.

Well, most of that was down to the advice that you gave and not ending up in the middle of a gale/severe gale was definitely down to your good advice. So, thank you for your work on our behalf. We will certainly recommend to our friends who plan to do something similar to us that they consider using the Marine Wx Centre for forecasting and routing advice.
Nicky Barker, s/y Blue Velvet of Sark, Rustler 42

Thank you so much for your help and guidance, especially around the 2 big fronts we encountered en route across the Atlantic. It's testament to great routing advice that we managed to avoid the worst of both, and all on board, including the children, have pretty much enjoyed the trip!

The front a couple of days ago panned out pretty much as you suggested it would. As we were flying at pace (we covered 205Nm in 24 hours which is a record for us) we got further east and a little further north than you recommended but saw nothing more than a steady 26-28k, with short gusts no more than 35: all very manageable and even good fun! And since the front has passed we've had clear skies and great Downwind conditions.
George Leicester-Thackara, s/y Pacific Pearl

I am really happy with your service. I think the best aspect is the general route/seasonal planning. When we were in Panama in November/December looking to sail north to colombia/jamaica you helped instruct us of what it would look like to plan a trip in December, January or February, and you noted that despite the statistics of high wind probability off of Colombia between Jan-Mar, there still are weather windows that pop up. This was invaluable advice and we had a glorious extra month in San Blas islands before catching an amazing weather window north, and that alone was worth your fee. I think you need to make it clear to people that you are not a glorified Predict Wind, which I think is often the misconception. You can provide advice based upon years of experience routing people and can comment on what looking for weather windows looks like in various months. That is truly powerful and I think you need to advertise that better. You dont just forecast for the
current winds, you can provide seasonal weather passagemaking advice, and can make recommendations based on that advice.
Connor Smith, s/y Grace

Thank you for providing such accurate and reliable information. We have been with you since meeting you at the Salty Dawg rally and have come to confidently rely on your weather calls. This confidence has inspired longer trips that now include overnight sailing and much more anchoring out when we know winds will be light and variable. So to you and your team CHEERS!!!
James Duryea, s/y AKOOLA 2.0

We started in December of 2016 in Fort Pierce and over the next three years sailed up and down the Caribbean chain and managed a few prolonged stop overs for hurricane season in DR and Grenada. We most likely would not have ventured as far or as confidently, if we had been left to my weather forecasting talents. Thank you for allowing my family to have a truly life changing adventure with as few weather challenges as possible.
Travis, Jennifer, Hudson & Vivian Julia on s/y Moxie

We just passed east of Nth Cape at 0730 hrs 29 Oct, and will reach Opua at about 2000 hrs tonight. We had a very good day yesterday even though the wind was light, with good boat speed due to wind assist and a 1 kt southerly current. The upshot was we made it to 35S 173E at 0430 hrs as the front came through. The front was weak with little wind and some drizzle. Now motoring down the coast hoping the SW will kick in soon!
Thanks for all your help with the passages over the last 9 months, I am especially grateful that this passage has been uneventful (despite running the engine for 5 days), as being a New Zealander I know what the weather can be like around here for small boats and their crew. A yacht was lost 10 days ago with sadly some loss of life in very bad weather close to where we are now.
Thanks again, your advice has been fantastic.
Martin & Laura Haszard, sly Three Sheets, NewZealand

Big thank you for all the forecasting you've done for us. We are very grateful & we've learned so much from listening to you each & every morning without fail. As new cruisers it was a godsend to feel like we had someone watching our backs & someone we could call on for weather advice & support. Many thanks its an amazing service you provide
Jana & Mick s/y Don Quijote

thank you for our recent passage from St. Marten to Bermuda. We had a forecast for light winds most of the way and it was a concern for fuel consumption. Your advice to be patient and go with the flow of the wind worked out perfectly because you were able to give us detailed info on where the wind would end so we would not overtake and end up motoring. We managed to sail almost the whole distance with only 12 hours under power at the end of the trip. Being patient only added about 12 hrs to the whole trip, but we only used 20 gallons of fuel. You saved me $500. at least at Bermuda fuel prices of almost $8.00 a gallon.
It was also a very pleasant experience as we enjoyed easy living with the light air conditions. It would be great if all passages could work out that way.
Frank Baron, s/y Compass Rose X

Our passage from Cape Verdes to Barbados was incredible, thanks to you. You told us to head to 13N, then head directly west to Barbados. We had 15 kts directly behind us, wing on wing the whole way. Except, during one evening radio connect, you said the wind was about to shift to the NE for a few hours, then back to E. As it shifted right after talking to you, we gibed the jib, left the pole up, then gibed the jib back and continued wing on wing. Others who rum lined it got beat up.
John & Ellie Wheeler, s/y Serenity, Pacific Seacraft 37

Greetings from sunny Grenada! We arrived here after a fantastic passage from the Canaries via the Cape Verdes. It was great talking to you on the SSB as far away as Portugal and along the route during the crossing. Also, thank you for weather on that leg. The forecast was precise and accurate.
Mollie & Baxter Gillespie, s/y Terrapin

We are safely ensconced in St. Pete after our 1500 mile trip from St. Croix. My crew and I cannot thank you enough for your responsive and 'spot-on’ weather routing on this voyage. We initially thought our scheduling might put us beyond the reach of tropical disturbances and ahead of the approaching fronts, but with the changing climate, we were mistaken on both counts. Fortunately we had you at our side the whole way with incredibly accurate forecasts, routing alternatives and a unique appreciation of the challenges facing the cruising sailor on a passage. Thank you so much!
Peter Branning & Martha Boston, s/y Lightheart

You have had a tremendous impact on how we lived aboard. As much as your daily reports enabled us to sail and motor safely, we never stopped learning from you. You are a gifted scientist. Your patience, diligence, and commitment to getting accurate information to us gave us 8 glorious and weather-incident free years. Your broadcasts and individual route planning consultations were critical components of our planning process. We also relied heavily on your reports when we weren’t aboard, and could make informed decisions about how weather impacted our boat in storage, as well as our east coast land travels.

We were humbled by how you handled every query from all cruisers with patience and kindness. We are honoured to have been part of your community. Should we return to the sea, our first contact will be with you at the Marine Weather Center.
Laurie Bowers & Craig Acott, s/y Alberta Crewed

Arrived safely in St Thomas. Thank you so much for your guidance, we really felt that you provided important information that we did not get from other sources. Knowing what to expect made planning and decision-making much easier, and we felt like we had a very safe and uneventful first offshore passage. Thanks so much!!
Dottie Clower, s/y Amari, Hylas 46

Your book has given me so much more confidence when we leave the dock. (Everyone at work now checks with me when they want a real time weather opinion, when their not mocking my weather geekiness). Even if I didn't boat it's so great to understand what's really happening in the atmosphere! Thank you!
Travis Ruse m/y Adventureland

Thank you for doing an incredible job providing us concise, accurate weather information that allowed us to make solid weather decisions throughout our four years at sea. You are a truly gifted meteorologist and your service is dollar for dollar some of the best money a cruiser can invest in their safety at sea.
Randy Mowrey, Pilot's Discretion, Sea Ray 480

Your support [in the 2018 Newport-Bermuda race] helped us with our strategy. We ended up taking first in our class [1st of 12 boats in Class 11], and first in our division [1st of 39 boats in Finisterre Division]!
Harold Guidotti, s/y Orca, Island Packet 38

Thank you for the comprehensive information and routing advice. Normally we just have the GRIB files and have to make our own interpretation of the weather. This has been fine in the Pacific, Indian and South Atlantic oceans but the North Atlantic weather seems much more complex and we would not have done so well without your routing advice.
Phil & Norma Heaton, s.y Minnie B

Just a quick note to tell you how much the crew of Ambition appreciated all your forecasts this past winter season in the Caribbean. Your input helps make for an awesome season of passages that we enjoy, as opposed to have to thrash our way between islands in big wind and swells
Merrill & Maryse, s/y Ambition

This was the first time ever in our six years around the world that we had the help of a professional weather router, and working with you exceeded our expectations. You were honest, friendly, very professional, and sincerely helpful. It gave us confidence to hear your reassuring voice and comments every evening during the voyage.
Dr. Selim Yalcin and Dr. Nadire Berker, s/y Keyif, Flores, Azores

You were bloody awesome. Absolute pleasure to have your help. With all the issues we were dealing with your spot on weather forecasts help make the trip possible/safe. We actually made it a game to see how many minutes you would be off before your black magic fortune telling became true.
Ryan Terwedo, s/y Mandara, SubicBay to Taiwan

Extremely pleased with your weather service (Daily Regional Email Forecasts)! Also I had no idea if my SSB worked until I made 2-way contact with you in the North Atlantic hundreds of miles from South Florida. Your forecasting and the HF capability were a huge assett on or passage to Tortola. Many thanks!
Rich Schiffli, s/y Shelly Kay

Tampa to Cuba race -- First in class on elapsed and corrected time; second overall on corrected. I credit your advice to everyone who asks about why I stayed inshore when all others hued to the rhumbline mid-race. Thank you.
Russ Hoadley, s/y Blue Heron, Catalina 425

I notice a letter from Chris Parker has been posted on the OCC Forum. I wish to support anyone who chooses to use his services.

My wife, Ginger, and I first met Chris on his own boat in 2002 in Baltimore on the Chesapeake. We were among a group of boats heading south the warmer waters. For the next few years we listened to Chris’s daily weather forecasts and benefited from his routing suggestions, all done by voice on SSB. When we were in Central America for a couple of winters, we received daily weather forecast emails (via Winlink) from Chris: the trade winds dominated, but you could get in big trouble if you did not get ample warning of the occasional cold fronts which pushed this far south.

Every year Chris expanded his services a bit and enhanced his experience and expertise. It was with regret that we left his daily briefings when we sailed to Europe in 2006. Since then he has continued to expand his services moving into the vacuum left by the venerable, Herb Hilgenberg (Southbound II).

Over our 10+ years in Europe, we made suggestions to many cruisers of things to take advantage of when they got to the other side of the pond. It was Chris’s weather/routing services that was frequently mentioned as a wonderful suggestion.

Chris is very thorough, conscientious, and knowledgeable, but the added bonus he brings to the mix is that he is an experienced sailor who knows about the cruising life and the concerns of cruising sailors. There is no hesitation on my part in recommending his services.
Dick & Ginger Stevenson, s/y Alchemy

thank you, Chris to you and your team for everything you do. I meant to write you soon after I arrived in Panama but I just got crazed with fixing boat stuff etc. etc. after I arrived. The thunderstorm that developed over top of me in the Caribbean was pretty intense and it wasn't a system that blows through and is gone in an hour or less. It wasn't a normal squall and it lasted for about 8 hours. I remember thinking at 2am - I just need to talk to Chris to see what's going on. When lightening is going on around the boat and your hundreds of miles from shore it is unnerving. The next several days afterward were unnerving too though those squalls were nothing like the first one. Still every day I was able to count on talking to you twice a day and because of that you helped route me through those systems and helped get Solstice to Panama safely. Your commitment to be available every morning and evening (except Sunday Cool ) shows a loyalty and faithfulness to your clients and work that is quite remarkable. And it is also important and valuable to us out here where weather events impact our lives in extreme ways. I don't know how things would've turned out if I hadn't been able to talk with you on the radio that morning. But I couldn't make out heads or tales of what had happened or more importantly of which way to run. Maybe it would've been fine, maybe not. What I do know is that after talking to you, you gave me a door to run to and in less than two hours Solstice was out of the worst of it. It was also comforting hearing your wisdom and insights when you are out there all alone. You sustain confidence in me and the situation and that everything will be well and press on. So thank you again Chris to you and your team for keeping me and all of us sailors out here safe.
Bill Babington, s/y Solstice

Evelyne and I have decided that it is time to end our cruising days and to sell Manatee. We want to thank you so much for all the support you have provided over the last 15 years. We first heard your voice when we went to the Bahamas in our Baba 30, Sirius, in 2002. After that we cruised the Bahamas for several years before buying Manatee in 2010 and heading to the Caribbean. Thanks to your counsel we safely crossed the Gulfstream ten times and the Mona and Anegada Passages four times. We sailed to Grenada and back to Florida and then to Antigua and back. Our last leg was in June from Marco home to Tierra Verde. Now Manatee is for sale.

Every day on the boat started with your weather report. The weather dictated what we would do, where we go, and how we would get there. You provide a valuable and life saving service to all boaters who hear your voice.
Rod & Eveline Crist, s/y Manatee

THANK YOU for your great service. Thanks for helping me get to port safely in all my deliveries in 2017. More than 20K NM in more than 25 different vessels..!!!
Carlos Hernandez, Delivery Captain

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do. We count among the many gifts of our year aboard your priceless services. Truly, you made our year-long adventure safe. What a marvelous resource you provide.
Russell & Nura Skinner, s/y Swan Song

Thank you for all the years of listening to and reading your forecasts as we made passages between the southern Bahamas, the US East Coast, and the Canadian Maritimes aboard Egret. It was always very reassuring to hear your voice on the SSB. I especially appreciated your help this past season while helping to deliver Gratitude (Ft Pierce to Chesapeake via Cape Hatteras) in April and Manxman (Portland, ME to Isle of Man) in June/July.

When we were planning our first winter of Bahamas cruising, our good friend, George Marvin, strongly recommended that we subscribe to your service. We quickly learned how invaluable it is for the cruising community.
Jonathan & Dorothy Goldweitz, s/y Egret

Your insight into marine weather is heads and shoulders above anything else available. As a commercial pilot with 40 years of dealing with weather as a daily routine, I am still amazed at your forecasting abilities.
Bob Mackie, s/y Hedonism

Thanks for your help and supremely accurate forecasts on our trip from Portsmouth NH to Puerto Rico. They were by far the most accurate of all the different sources used.
John Griffith, s/y Entropia, Mason 44

My wife and I cruise our 68’ Nordhavn 10 months a year from the Caribbean to the Canadian Maritimes. We find your forecasts extremely helpful and well done. I read your book. I have other weather books but I found yours an easy and logical way to understand the drivers for weather. Your company provides a wonderful service to the boating community, keep up the great work.
Dee & Jerry Fraelic, m/y Prince Of Tides

Waking up, making tea and turning on the SSB was the routine that started many of the happiest days of my life. When ashore your emails helped us plan our next adventure. Thank you so much for your help in keeping us safe. Your voice is imbedded in my memories of life aboard Callahan.
Vivian McWilliams, c/y Callahan

Over the past eleven years, we've been satisfied subscribers and never fail to stress to would be cruisers that one of the most important things they can do is to sign up with you!
Patrick & Di Walton, S/Y Resolute IV, Pacific Seacraft 34

Thanks for your work. Honestly, I thought you were nuts when you first proposed a major hurricane for Maria... You were the first one of our different sources to call it right.
Lynn & Ken, s/y Silverheels III

Your information allowed me to make the decisions to keep myself, crew and clients vessels out of harms way . And I'll tell you that I have been doing nothing but dodging storms for the past six weeks. I tell all my new boater clients about you. Thanks for your service.
Celeste Dorage, s/y Caribbean Spirit

We are now home after three months of cruising in the Bahamas, making it all the way to Turks and Cacaos. We listened to you virtually every day on our SSB and in the process feel like you have become a trusted friend. We are grateful for your individualized forecasts, which made us much more confident in undertaking the longer distances and ocean conditions associated with the southern islands. We sent our position and questions via InReach and you respond via SSB, which worked out well for us. Your forecasts were amazingly accurate.
Bob & Linda Enberg, s/y Tropical Spirit

Your routing from FtLauderdale to Bermuda was perfect. Although longer than a direct route, it was faster, with better angles of wind and good winds all the way. Thanks
Signe & Henrik Hansen, s/y Capibara, 30' sloop

Your forecast was uncanny (as always) in it's accuracy, right down to the timing of the wind shifts.
Steve & Donna Marshall, s/y Ocean Cowbouy, BeaufortNC

Arrived safely in Brunswick this morning. My sincerest thanks for your GS routing. We shaved 6 HOURS off our projected coastal trip time. This allowed us to miss the nastiest weather on the back end. I've used other routing services and am happy to now have found you.
Kurt Jaenicke, s/y Big Frisky

Congratulations you and your team for your timely and accurate forecasts. Never in the last six months have we found your forecasts inaccurate or misleading. It is quite a feat and the first thing I will do next season is renew my subscription.
Francis Clouston, s/y Mikado III, Grenada

Thank you for the excellent service you provide and for the gentle energy with which you provide it. It is a true bargain and comfort for those of us who live out on the water.
John Herlig, s/y Ave del Mar

Your guys did a great job of weather routing for our trip from St. Augustine, Fl to USVI in December 2016. We were able to get offshore, cross the Gulf Stream and avoid a major Low Pressure System crossing our quarter to the WNW. The trip went exactly as planned, taking 10 days, all sail no motor, including two days of no wind as the S wind died out and NE trades re-established. This is not the first nor last time we will use your service. Thanks again for a job well done.
John King - S/V Nepenthe

Anyone sailing in your general service area would benefit from the weather service. First, it is great to get personalized information about the exact place and route from someone who has cruised and sailed in the area and thus understands the things that sailors worry about. Second, while sailing it is often nice to hear a friendly voice on the SSB first thing in the morning.
Bill Earl, s/y Ziamar

Thank you for six years of accurate forecasting and route planning that made our time on the water the best decision we ever made. You have been an important daily part of our lives for the past six years. Your service has been invaluable to us.
Eric & Pat Fulmer, s/y Cutter Loose

We REALLY benefitted from your weather forecasts and we listen EVERY morning. Our ocean crossings have been better because we plan them around your forecasts. I think we survived all the fronts in 2016 in the Bahamas and FL because of Marine Weather Center!
Jay & Tanya Ankers, s/y Minx

Your forecasts are written from the perspective of a migrating sailor, with both meso and synoptic info, and comments on the various models. They were helpful and fascinating.
Jay Pasco-Anderson, s/y Heron, J/160

Your thoughts on sailing strategy make the Wx reporting even more valuable. I followed your counsel regarding sailing high on the rhumbline course in order to be able to bear off more easterly along the Island when the NW filled in. That's exactly what happened and WildHorse was racing at hull speed with the NW wind just aft of our beam - no problem.
Rick Meisner, s/y Wild Horse

Your forecasts on our trip from Nanny Cay to Charleston were good and clear about what to expect in the short term and the range of possibilities in the longer term. Your advice helped make the trip shorter, safer and more enjoyable that it otherwise would have been.
David Cross, s/y Peregrine

You were my lifeline and you made it possible for me to cruise safely as it pertained to weather windows. Your patience, courtesy and general demeanor on the broadcasts are remarkable and I know I always felt as if I were your only client when you acknowledged me and responded to my questions.
Gary Kreiger, s/y Freed Spirit

Tank you very much for your detailed daily weather emails. We truly appreciate your concern for the welfare of all of your clients, especially when you make sure to advise us to seek safe anchorages, etc. You and your team are important members of our crew.
Curtiss & Barbara Bryant, s/y Now or Never

Thank you for the great loop current waypoints you gave us for our trip from Isla Mujeres to Key West. We had positive current all the way, even on the NE side of the loop which was totally unexpected.
Ed Easter, s/y Skylark

Don't know how Chris does it, but he's usually bang on! Chris took a lot of time with us, even though this was our first subscription. Besides the forecasts, we really appreciated the information on the currents. Some of the best money we've ever spent!
Ralph & Cheryl Kallberg, s/y Fortuitous

Chris, you made our passage from Mexico to Key West the best it could possibly have been. Your service was exceptional and your attention to our passage was above and beyond what we could have hoped for. THANK YOU!
Ralph & Cheryl Kallberg, s/y Fortuitous

Thanks for your forecasts, your insight provided a great Gulf Stream crossing last fall, first of October and just a wonderful N-bound Gulf Stream crossing yesterday to end the season. You do a great job!

Reed & Jo Phillips, m/y Farreaches, Grand Banks 42

Thank you for your advice when we called, and for your excellent emails which we used as we tracked north in outside jumps Brunswick to Charleston, Charleston to Southport, and Southport to Norfolk via Cape Fear, Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras, and Cape Henry. Thanks again for the great service you provide us cruising boaters.
Judy & Bill Rohde, s/y Jubilee

Thank you for the terrific service in getting us from Puerto Morales, Mexico, to Key West with the best possible weather/sea conditions! We are so pleased we signed up for your services and would recommend you to anyone! BIG THANK YOU!
Cheryl & Ralph Kallberg, s/y Fortuitous

It is awesome how much you do for your subscribers. The value received for us has been priceless. Thank you so much.
Charles & Carol Wardle, s/y Montana Sky

We are very gratful for such a smooth ride from the Virgin Islands to the UK. To my knowledge there is no forecaster out there who understand that the requirements of a forecast for a sailing boat is not the same as a straightforward weather forecast, because you have done it yourself you know precisely what is required. This makes you quite simply the best!
Fiona & Iain Lewis, s/y Ruffian, 34' Sadler

Thank you for your roll in keeping us safe and secure for the last 4 years. I tell many that "Parker" was one of our best investments in this adventure. We recommend you to sooo many other boaters. Your "SSB" voice in the morning has become part of our lives.
Michael & Cherie King, s/y Pura Vida

Thank you directly for your work, your endless dedicated work. You are THE ONE we all live by out here. You provide the best service. I can not imagine how you do all that you do. The SSB on schedule, the emails which are over the top detailed, and the peacefulness at which you operate. You, Chris, are one amazing person
and I really appreciate you. Every cruiser I talk to, always praises you, we all LOVE you, you are THE MAN. Thank you again.
Hayden & Radeen Cochran, s/y Island Spirit

Your forecasts were helpful and your ability to translate the weather conditions quickly to working knowledge applicable to the captain on the water in a useful manner is truly valuable to us and a lot of other folks out there.
Hamilton Foster, delivery skipper, Total Marine

We arrived safely in Santa Marta yesterday at noon. 72 hours from Ille a Vache. Your forecasts were spot on. We are glad we waited a few extra days. The final 12 hours getting in Colombia were some of the easiest of the passage.
Bill Weigel, s/y Alembec

Great working with you during our first year cruising, Chris! We just can't comprehend how you get done all you do for the cruising community but we are truly appreciative and we rely on your input on an almost daily basis.
Sharon & David McMlorry, s/y Mythago

Southern Girl arrived safely at her destination, Palmas del Mar, PR, after six weeks down the Thorny Path from Brunswick. Your accurate routing and timing suggestions took our impatience and emotions out of the decision making process, sparing us later moments of regret.
Larry & Pam Shelton, s/y Southern Girl

I REALLY like that you went out on a limb contradicting NOAA on Danny. I especially like how you talk us through your thinking and the data upon which those thoughts are based. Simply superb.
Jay Peters, s/y Kenlanu

Thank you for your brilliant book. I have studied weather related to the NE Atlantic and have never really understood the global dynamics. Your book has enabled me to finally understand not only tropical Caribbean weather but also the interaction with the global energy movements.
I have been listening to your daily web forecasts and they are also wonderful. The two together work really well.
JoJo Pickering, s/y Island Swift

Many thanks for your help during our recent passage N from the VI. Looking back, we would have probably pressed on to the GS based on the 20 -25 knot gribs and had a rough time. Your input led me to heave to – giving us a restful night and allowing the wind to abate a bit. We had a great passage.
Skip Pond, s/y Wynot

You're incredible. You paint a clear picture of each subscribers weather situation. Each year we've been cruising you've provided us with essential information to guide us. We don't leave the dock without you.
Steve Johnson, s/y Chat-eau

Thank you for the great weather forecasting service on our trip from Maine via the
Canadian Maritimes and E Caribbean to Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. I must say that as your service has evolved, it now sets the standard of excellence in weather synopsis, forecasting and routing.
Daragh Nagle and Cathryn O'Neill, s/y Chantey V

Saturday's crossing was our 18th of the Gulf Stream and your forecasting has made it an easy and pleasant experience every time.
David & Catherine Allin, s/y Solitaire 1

The information you provided was of real value. Very helpful. Not just the wind & wave data but the underlying strategy. I know I could have consulted a couple of web sites and got much the same data but I wouldn’t have received the knowledgeable steering strategy you provided that took such good advantage of the weather.
Doug & Darlene Draggett, s/y Viento

Thank you for your help in moving the boat from Georgetown to Bermuda. I’ve been sailing for a decade or so and have quite frankly put little stock in the services of forecasters. I believe too many cruisers refuse to lift their anchor or hoist a sail without consulting their weather Oracle and it seems like the need for certainty is in conflict with the appeal of independent ocean sailing. To date, I’ve been a little snooty regarding your services or those of others.

The information you provided was of real value. Very helpful. Not just the wind & wave data but the underlying strategy. I know I could have consulted a couple of web sites and got much the same data but I wouldn’t have received the knowledgeable steering strategy you provided that took such good advantage of the weather we were dished. It was really good.
Doug & Darlene Draggett, s/y Viento

You gave us great advice when you suggested we get moving out of Guanaja, [Honduras]. Your forecast was spot on again [and] the current was as you expected. We had what we consider to be terrific crossing weather for all of the trip legs to Panama.
Gordon Long & Gillian Varieur, s/y N-aimless

As you predicted we motored for over 400 nm, getting around FL. We added extra fuel which allowed us to plan our refuel stop to make things easy. More importantly we stayed ahead of the cold front which you warned about and were comfortably tied to the dock when it began to blow. Couldn't have been a better experience.
Neil Ware & Elizabeth Thompson, s/y Sabbatical

Your forecast was so accurate. We made it [to Bimini] just in the nick of time as the wind kicked up. Just wanted to express my gratitude to your expertise. This was the best $50 I've ever spent. If I had listened to "Wind Finder" app or the other weather announcement I would have had a very uncomfortable experience.

Lynn & Kevin Straube, s/y Hard II Get, Morgan 321

I appreciate the excellent forecasting you did during our delivery of the Lagoon 38 catamaran from Puerto Rico to Ft. Lauderdale this past winter. We had an excellent passage thanks to your work.
Charles Coleman, delivery skipper for Global Delivery Service

Local Canadian marine forecast just started to mention [Hurricane] Arthur this morning [Thursday July 3]. Because of your info [a week ago] we chose to stay in protected Twillingate Harbour, Newfoundland, rather than beginning a passage. Thanks!
Steve Swanson and Sandra Eberle, s/y Yonder

We cannot thank you enough for your outstanding weather routing and advice service and we cannot begin to tell folks back here [in the UK] the difference it makes when on passage to have such superb and expert advice daily.

We also were part of the SDR from Hampton last November [2013] and your daily broadcasts were a real life saver.
Rob & Sarah Bell, s/y Serafina of Maldon

We arrived safely in Horta, Azores (from Bermuda) yesterday. Your forecasts were very accurate, very impressive.
Reg Wilson, s/y Three Sheets

Thank you for your routing advise and weather forecasts (from Tortola BVIs to Horta Azores).They were a big help for us and we experienced them as very accurate, solid and well explained.

Jan en Annelies van Ruitenbeek, s/y Anna Sophia

Your forecasts continue to be a comfort. You patiently got me to and from Bermuda two years ago. Now, I am sailing solo through the Exumas [then] western Caribbean on down to Panama.
Thanks for choosing a career in which you are well suited.
Marlene Sassman, s/y Spray, Marples 35

I participated in the Salty Dawg rally and have continued with your service while i am [in the Caribbean]. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your timely and consistently fine weather reports on the journey south, as well as your continued excellence with the weather down here in the Eastern Caribbean.
You have become my favorite email received (of any, including family).
The weather seems to be mostly the same around here, but you still catch the wind shifts, lulls, and increases, as well as squalls and enhanced wind speed. so, thanks.
I also wanted to tell you that i finished your book about a weak ago, enjoying it fully (much better than many many books i have read on weather), and have enjoyed trying to put things learned into use.
It is a bit strange though, as the weather seems so decidedly moderate here --a lot of cumulus, one or two cumulonimbus, altostratus, cirrus, etc., but i still did learn a lot.
John Laccheo, s/y Adgio

Thank you for your fantastic dedication and service to all of us out here cruising. Your work is amazing and much appreciated. Everyone listens to you.
Hayden Cochran, s/y Island Spirit

We had a wonderful trip from Tobago to Carriacou on Monday night. Thanks, as always, for your amazing weather forecasts and advice. We think [subscribing to your service] is the best money we’ve ever spent. Once crazy passage can break multiples of expensive items on the boat. Your subscription services are a fraction of that!
Doug and Meyka Paddock s/v Banjo

Thanks for being such a terrific resource. We like the fact that you
give us the reasonable "worst to expect" so that we don't get caught
with our pants down. I'll take that any day over sunshine and roses,
and then getting nailed by bad weather.
Ken Laak, s/y Silverheels III

Just arrived in Virgin Gorda and cannot thank you enough for your outstanding service and advice. It was by any standards a difficult passage with some very unpleasant weather conditions and having you there to advise and inform every step of the way made all the difference between what might well have been a complete disaster and a successful and safe trip south.
Rob & Sarah Bell, s/y Serafina of Maldon

My wife, Molly, and I were part of the Salty Dawg Rally this fall [2013] sailing our Valiant 47, Terrapin. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great work you did for the rally. You were also kind enough to talk to Molly via sat phone when we were in the gulf stream and your advice was very helpful in setting our course. I know you must have gotten more than a few calls in addition to your regular forecasting work and we appreciate the time you took with us. I also appreciate the “latitude by latitude” forecasting during the passage. We were constantly chasing latitudes south to stay out of stronger weather and it was great to know what to expect.
Baxter, Molly & Kala Gillespie, s/y Terrapin

thank you for your support during the Fall 2013 Salty Dawg Rally. As always your briefings and suggestions were a big help. Our passage was very comfortable. I look forward to using your services again in the Spring.
Mike Dow, s/y Charmed Life

Your input was invaluable in helping us make a comfortable voyage [Brunswick to BVI], 10 1/2 days and 1,416 nm. Sailed quickly in reasonable comfort for the first 7 days, and had to motor in calm conditions for 3. Your original forecast and routing instructions were as accurate as anyone could reasonably expect.
Randall Wallace, s/y Lipari

This is the first fall in which I have been a sponsor and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your constant attention to and communication about the tropical developments. I feel VERY well and thoroughly informed and therefore feel MUCH more secure than I have in previous years traveling South from Maine to the Bahamas. You provide a wonderful service which I appreciate enormously.
Jay Peters, s/y Kenlanu

Thanks for another great year Chris! We think we had one of the
easiest passages from the Bahamas to Trinidad ever and we could not have
done it without your spot-on forecasts and advice.
Mike & Roberta Hilbruner, s/y Celilo

Just want to let you know we have arrived after 6 days at sea and we had a GREAT passage. As usual, your weather predictions were spot-on. We can not say enough about how much having your expertise has made our cruising that much safer - and therefore more fun! Thank you!
Laurie & Damon Jones, s/y Mother Jones, Gemini34' cat, traveled throughout Caribbean to Texas

[In 9 days of single-handed sailing from StJohnUSVI to NewYorkCity] wind and waves were behind me the whole way thanks to Chris Parker my weather prediction guru who I listened to every morning on a SSB radio. Great call on the Gulf Stream entrance location!
Richard Lanka, s/y Miss Laila

My wife and I just started a two year Cruise. Sailed from Cape May to Montauk Tuesday. You couldn't have put out a better forecast if you wrote it the next day!!
This was my wife's first time off shore and first night trip. A bad experience could have done significant damage to her confidence and jeopardized future passages.
Frank Quigley,s/y Elanor Q

Your help has been and will be critical to the comfortable success of our trip - hands down the best, most important investment we have made save the boat herself. Your information, format, and the language you use are EXACTLY what and how I want it.
Logan & Gillian Renz, s/y Stella Blue

Made it safe and sound to the RioDulce. Got to tell you that your forecast are so accurate it is scary. Every thing you forecast came to pass. From the increased wind at night to the northeast wind on the RioDulce on Sat.
Don't know how you do it, but you are very good at it.
Tim Veillon, s/y FriendShip, IP-35

Hi Chris, we arrived Deltaville VA on Thursday, just ahead of the cold front. Thank you for all your advice, support and expertise. Our trip from St. Thomas was fast, and safe from any bad weather and we really appreciate your routing suggestions.
Jim & Sheeran Gallagher, s/y SheeranAnn

We are delighted to have made it safe into harbor before the dreaded Norther, and have been extremely impressed with the additional information provided by Chris. We have never used an en-route weather router before, but have already decided that for longer passages in the future we will.
Fiona & Iain Lewis, s/y Ruffian

Nancy and I typically cruise for a couple of months each spring in the Caribbean. We really appreciate your knowledge and guidance and wouldn’t leave home without you. Each year you’ve provided a key piece of advice that made your annual fee a great value.
Steve & Nancy Johnson, s/y Chat-eau

Thanks for all your great advise these last few months. You have been right-on every time you have recommended to us. Plus [your forecasts] are a great bonus to help educate us on weather. With your help Crusing is awesome!
Gary & Joanne Wollenberg, s/y Bozo Cinq, Amel 54 ketch

You made me a hero! Following your weather reports very closely we (Captain and myself only) were able to safely and comfortably travel (motor) from Santa Marta Colombia on May 3rd 4 am arriving into Aruba 5 pm May 4th saturday night (nice current - 8 knot average). After a good nights sleep we departed Aruba 4:30 am Sunday for a first ever and most non eventful (my favorite kind) Caribbean Sea crossing on to Palmas Del Mar Yacht Club in Puerto Rico arriving May 7th tuesday around 1 pm. Averaged 7.4 Knots - 418 miles in just over 56 1/2 hours!! Yes, we did raise the sails on this cat the last morning and was very enjoyable.
Our cruiser friends in Aruba said the wind picked up the day after our departure. Whew! We found the waves and wind to be as predicted - only one squall with no more than 20 knots briefly.
Soon we will depart, wx permitting of course, to play for 3-4 weeks in Culebra/USVI/BVI before returning to PR where we will tuck the boat in for hurricane season and head home to Alaska for a few months.
Thanks again for the help!
Jamie Bagley, s/y Moon Shadow

Thank you for your excellent weather and ocean current forecasting for our recent trip from Panama to Florida. Thanks to you, we made great time and had good winds with relatively calm seas. Knowing you were there for us helped reduce the anxiety of our 1200 mile, one stop passage.
Rob & Sue Linehan, s/y Catalyst, Manta 40 Catamaran

Thanks for all of your weather forecasts. I hope you realize what a huge roll you play in people's lives. We appreciate it.
Bill, Lara and Isobel Calfee, s/y Sunrise, HallbergRassy 38

This was the first time open ocean in our boat. Going from Tampa to the BVI, Chris' services made us very comfortable. In addition to the weather forecasts, his routing suggestions helped get us where we wanted to be in a shorter amount of time. This is one of the best investments I made for this trip!
John Robbins, s/y Want To, Manta 40

During our trip from HamptonVA to the BVIs, I found Chris' knowledge and briefings to be dead on. Once I got confidence in his predictions, we carried more sail at night than I normally would have. That meant a faster passage.
David J. Fong, SV Magic III

Meyka and I are so grateful for the part you have played in our early days of cruising. We never imagined that we would find ourselves in the eastern Caribbean our first year. We could not have done it without you. Everywhere we go we share with other cruisers the benefits we have found in subscribing to your services.
Doug & Meyka Paddock, s/y Banjo

Your advice and forecast for Sunday, Monday was spot on. We left Trinidad about 2am Monday morning and reached Grenada 12 hours later after a lovely, fast, comfortable sail. So, thanks again.
Steve & Ann Vanderhoof, s/y Receta

Were fortunate to have used your routing service last year when heading from Freeport to Beaufort/Morehead City in late Spring. You warned us about uncertain weather forecasts, so we monitored conditions carefully. Because of that warning, we were able to bail out to Charleston and avoid 15-20' seas further north. We had a nice time in Charleston (our favorite stop along the coast), and a comfortable passage 3 days later.
Doug & Linda, m/y Aries Too

We have appreciated and benefited from your high level of service and your obvious concern for your clients. Be certain that we will recommend your services to fellow cruisers.
Richard VanAppelen and Karen Ormon, s/y Snowaway

We continue to be amazed at not only how well you predict the weather but how great you are on radio, especially with people like us who tend to need more information that is probably necessary... and how hard you work to keep us all going - not sure what we would do without you!

Mark, Katya, Cedar and Lamar Gordon S/V Amicus II

Fabulous service. I recommend every chance I get. We had eight wonderful years cruising from Southern California through the canal up the East Coast to Bermuda and Nova Scotia then through the Caribbean and back home. Chris made the trip safe and enjoyable.
Chip & Kay, m/y Beso, Nordhavn 40

[Florida to StThomas in 8 days!] Thanks for the sound and wise routing advise. Wind and seas, never forward of the beam which is pretty amazing. I've made this trip on cats about 7 times, first time using a weather router and first time never bashing the doo-doo out of the boat.

Clyde Murphree, s/y Gypsy, Manta 42

We live in Maryland, near Chesapeake Bay; Chris's forecast for
Hurricane Sandy was the best we received for this region as well as
the Bahamas (have boats in both locations)

Marcia & John Talley, s/y Troubadour

Your pre-departure weather was a big help and confirmed our early decision to delay departure until after the norther. Nice job...and in a season where the normal "pilot chart" winds just didn't seem to happen.
With your new [SSB] antenna, you are reaching the caribbean much better than over the past couple years. Great signal.
Steve, Lynn, Gary, s/v Celebration

Hi Chris,
My name is Hank Pomeranz. I am a sailor, retired Navy meteorologist and ship router. One of my duties was as Commanding officer of the Weather office in Bermuda. Not exactly the toughest duty I experienced in the Navy. :) At the time, the Navy was responsible as the island's Weather Service and so I had plenty of experience dealing with vessels transiting to and from Bermuda. For example I briefed the returning vessels from the Newport to Bermuda and Marion to Bermuda races. I also worked closely with Herb Hilgenberg of Southbound II fame, who operated from Bermuda at the time.

We just completed our trip south to Southport, NC aboard Haanli (our Tatoosh 42 sloop). All along the way, fellow sailors sang your laurels. Even as of this morning we are tied up in Southport with S/V Althea (waiting for winds to abate) and they also mentioned your services.

As a meteorologist who understands the challenges, and as a sailor who relies on multiple sources and products for guidance, I applaud you for providing excellent services to your clients. You have quite the following out here.
Hank Pomeranz, S/V Haanli

We have in the past used a group of weather routers out of NY but they were not sailors and could not relate the weather forecast to the sailing situation. We found that because you were able to, the weather forecasting became much more relevant. We will definitely use you again.
Beth & Paul Winchell, s/y Black Swan

Thank you very much for your forecast for us going from Curacao to Cartagena. It was spot on and we had a wonderful sail!
Maureen Kinsey, s/y MEMORY

Thanks so much for the WONDERFUL support you have given us throughout our 20,000 nautical miles in the Caribbean over the past 7 years. You even helped us navigate the Gulf of Mexico oil spill a couple of years ago. We recommend your services to anyone we meet. Best of luck to you.
Ann & John Taylor, s/y Livin the Dream

Chris was an important part of our cruising experience
for many years. Dee would never leave port until we had "talked to
Chris". We sold the boat and have retired from cruising. I still
recommend Chris to all who head to sea.
Dave & Dee Angell, s/y Wings of Angells

It was a good and fast passage (HamptonVA to BVI in 7 1/2 days) because of your skill,good judgement,passion,communication skills,and relentless work ethic.I can only guess at how many hours you put into your work.On behalf of myself and crew,I can only offer a humble THANK YOU.You are at the top of the game in my opinion.
Craig White, s/y IL SOGNO

Thank you for the weather routing you provided on our recent trip to the Bahamas. I really appreciate your patience and the fact that you were always available to answer our questions.
Richard Graver, s/y Susie Q

We are now in Panama after completing our 3 year Caribbean circumnavigation. We have certainly enjoyed, relied on and looked forward to receiving your forecasts everyday. We think you have one of the best weather forecasting services available and have tried to encourage other cruisers to subscribe.
John & Kathy, s/y Mystic Moon, ShelterBay Panama

A BIG THANK YOU. Having spoken to you by Iridium on Friday morning and received very accurate wx info we headed east and managed to motor within 20 miles of the south coast of St.Lucia before the wind backed us and increased. We then turned NE for the top of St.Lucia and had fairly smooth seas to make Rodney Bay by 0700.
Had we not spoken with you we would have been about 50 miles SW of Rodney Bay when the wind backed and increased and life onboard would have been very different. SO THANKS SO MUCH
Elaine & Richard, s/y Nemo

We arrived Tuesday July 10 safely in IJmuiden (Holland) after a great sailing trip in 24 days (from New York City).
Thanks for your great support.
best regards.
Gerard Sterk skipper/owner Bluefin

Your Gulf Stream info was invaluable, as was everything else. We learned a lot on this trip [from Bermuda to NewportRI] in terms of ocean strategy, largely thanks to your knowledge. You pass it on in ways you probably don't even know.
Wendy & Johnny, s/y Osprey

We are happy to be on land again thanks to your weather routing in Feb and now this past month.
I am a walking advertisement for your services among all those we meet and tell our story.
Much appreciation!
Pam n Ben s/y Cricket

Over the years, we have heard you advising against anchoring on the bank many times and we will never do that again. It was rough and noisy. Pulled anchor and sailed beautifully across the Gulfstream to Fort Pierce. Always listen to Chris Parker!!
Renate & Jim Mendria, s/y Emerald Seas

Thank-you for your recommendation [for us to seek better protection than we had at Alan/Pensacola]. We moved 6 miles over to Crab Cay. Last night at Alan/Pensacola Cay, another boat dragged ashore around about midnight.

Renate & Jim, s/y Emerald Seas

We arrived in Isla Mujeres. Thanks for your support information on finding the Cuba coast counter current. It worked out great.
Gordon & Gillian, s/y N-aimless

Thanks for the help [on our trip from Moorehead to New Bedford]. Being able to talk with you by SSB and Webcast worked well. I tried to do web cast while in port. Again Mark and I were glad for your weather wise support.
Roger, m/y Provincetown III

While cruising in the Florida Keys and Bahamas, we relied daily on reports from weather router genius Chris Parker. If you’re planning a trip, don’t leave home without him, whether on SSB, email or telephone
Michael Samaway, m/y Muddy Waters

We always read or listen to the latest Chris Parker weather report - the undisputed, #1, don’t leave home without it, cruiser weather forecasting guru in this part of the world.
Michael Samaway, m/y Muddy Waters

The information and forecast that you gave us for our passage from the DR to Bonaire in mid May was right on. Wind and seas were as you predicted and we had a great passage. We appreciated your comments and assistance to plan and make the passage.

Don Mockford, s/y Asseance

Not only are you a fine weather router....but a fantastic guide. Thanks for the Clarence Town recommendation. What a beautiful spot. We had a great day swimming, eating and enjoying the place.
David & Kim Pytel, s/y Slow Dancin, Hylas 49

We have arrived back in Annapolis after getting as far as Martinique. Thanks for your help in avoiding ALL bad weather and a very satisfying voyage.
Larry & Bev Westerlund, s/y Chadelle, Swan 44

Our tactic of sticking close to the Rhumb line to Horta, Azores worked as a Swan 46 (faster boat) took the other approach and set out for the SE winds early on which (as you predicted) did not really materialize. We just met them again tonight after more than a week since we met on different tacks. Great trip and thank you for your valuable input.
Kevin Clifford, s/y Parati

The way you directed us S and E of the low pressure systems and along Lat 30N (from the Caribbean to Azores) was a very elegant maneuver. Without your forecast and routing advice we would have interpreted the grib files in a way that would have tempted us to jog N far too early.
Chris & Nirit Slaney, s/y Passepartout

Thank you for a very efficient, accurate and professional service (from the Caribbean arriving Horta at 1901 UTC Sunday May 13th, 2012).

The way you directed us south and east of the low pressure systems and along Lat 30N was a very elegant maneuver. Without your forecast and routing advice we would have interpreted the grib files in a way that would, I believe, have tempted us to jog northwards far to early.

A few highlights from the passage were having a moon to light our nights all the way, several absolutely sparkling days of sailing on a broad reach, a couple of Mahi-mahi and staying dry most of the time.
The Slaneys (Chris, Nirit, Shmuel, Yael), s/y Passepartout

You did a fantastic job advising us last November from Hampton to the BVI's. We were one of the 4 boats (in the Salty Dog Rally) that left early, on Sunday, and skirted TS Sean all the way down. We're looking forward to your advice on this trip as we make our way back to the Chesapeake.
Jim & Adean Bridges, s/y Jedimean

We initially subscribed in the summer of 2008 and would like to thank you for all the information.
We particularly appreciated your pushing our pace when necessary, in
particular pushing us on when we were about to go into Jacksonville.
Liz & Red Donnelly, s/y Shiver

Your weather forecasts added greatly to our safety and comfort this season.
Richard & Karen, s/y Snowaway, lying SanBlas, Panama

After two years in the Caribbean its time to head back to Ireland. We have really enjoyed listening in to your forecasts on the web, ssb and email. Its a fantastic service.
We would really appreciate your view on the weather from the BVI's to
Bermuda and Bermuda to the Azores.
Brian & Loretto, s/y Asteroid

We had a great trip to Santa Marta! We even got to have cocktails on the bow both nights!! Thanks for the Great trip.
Chip & Kay, m/y Beso, Santa Marta, Colombia

Firstly, thank you for your continued excellent and accurate forecasting for the E Caribbean. Your information has been invaluable over past 12 months or more.
Capt Pete Mitchell, 101' m/y Leclerc, StThomas

We had a great trip from St Martin to Antigua. Left at the 11AM bridge, motored to St Barts and had a great sail the rest of the way arriving Falmouth Harbor just after dawn. Your forecast was right on.
Eric & Jackie, s/y Compass Rose

Thank you for your help on our recent trip from Miami to Antigua.
What a great trip it was! Your idea of heading North of the Abacos really worked out. The stronger SW winds allowed us to head due East for 3 days and when we hit the cold front, we were able to sail a rhumb to Antigua on a course of 168 with winds in the 60 degree apparent wind angle range.
As usual you were a big help and we loved having you on board.
Jake & Marnie, s/y Avalanche

We've crossed 3 Oceans and think you do the best weather we've heard anywhere.
s/y Wings, Debora Gillespie & Terry Browne

I took your advice and crossed from West End to Lake Worth on Tuesday Jan
10. Your advice was spot on...Easterlies less than 12k.

We finished 2nd place in the Carib1500/Bahamas. Your advice was very

Dick Dowall, s/y Endeavor

We very much enjoy your service and find it invaluable when we are on the move.
Mark Cole, s/y Reach, lying SanBlas Panama

You are providing a tremendously valuable service and your patience on the SSB is beyond compare. We hope others appreciate you as much as we have.

Doug Brown & Lisa Zandt, s/y Highland Light (formerly)

Our BoqueronPR to Florida passage was one of our more pleasant trips - not much motoring or motor sailing, relatively calm seas and very little rain. Your forecasts were accurate, and your routing advice excellent
John & Patti, s/y Anhinga

Our passage from Boqueron to Florida was one of our more pleasant trips - not much motoring or motor sailing, relatively calm seas and very little rain. Your forecasts were accurate, and your routing advice excellent.
John & Patti, s/y Anhinga

Tranquillite had a beautiful run around Tropical Storm Sean and we are safe and happy in Marigot St Lucia.
We found your recommendation of 74W Longitude to be an adequate cushion, and turned east about 25N.
Looking at all the possibilities and results, you worked out the best plan for us. We did have gale and sub gale conditions but it was on a broad reach and mostly dry. " the prettiest gale I have ever seen" was heard more than once.
Tim Pleune, s/y Tranquilite, Hylas 46

As you suggested, on our trip from the Chesapeake to the Virgin Islands, we went west and south of Tropical Storm Sean as he made his turn north. Although we had some 15 ft seas, the winds were generally between 20 and 30 kts on a broad reach. As a result, we made the trip not only safely but set a personal record of 7 days, 3hrs.
Jim Bridges, s/y Jadimean

Our SSB was the only electronics we did not lose when Hurricane Irene passed over us in the Bight of Acklins. Hearing your voice helped us feel like we could at least reach out and touch a person in that terrible experience. Thank you again for your service.
Connie & Mike, s/y Lady Bella

We got back to our slip at Miami Beach Marina November 17 (after our nearly-non-stop trip from New England). The trip went well thanks in no small part to your sound routing and weather advice.
Again thanks and we will be using you again in the future.
Bryan Logan, s/y Rhula Bula, Island Packet 485

I use Chris Parker of Marine Weather and communications for weather support
personally and for my delivery work. I highly recommend his services.
John DeWitt, Global Delivery Service

Thanks for all your help over the years. You were of tremendous help to us, and we wouldn't have thought of making a passage without you.
Gail & Mike Cannady, s/y Wild Rover

Your forecast for our trip from Charleston to Grand Turk is probably the only time that the weather followed the predictions to a tee in my life... even the confused sea around 76w was on the money.
Great forecast and good working with you.
John King, s/y Linda O, light F-28cc trimaran

Chris--our 3rd crew member--we have arrived in St Thomas!
We could not let the big arrival day pass without a hearty thank you for all of the weather insight you gave us on our voyage from Jacksonville to St Thomas. Some days we thought you were a spooky psychic, other days we thought you were playing with a Ouji board. But always we knew you had our best interests at heart. You are a gifted forecaster and we are grateful for your gifts!
Thanks also for your conversation with my mother. She was concerned for our welfare and your words of assurance put her mind to ease. So, not only are you gifted but you are kind. What a lovely mix in a human being!
Heather and Dave Mann, s/v WILD HAIR

Eric and I wanted to thank you for your advice in getting married on Saturday 29 January in Treasure Cay. The weather was just perfect and we had the most beautiful day and evening we could have dreamed of.
Eric & Nathalie, s/v Dream Ketcher

I just retired from being a professor in Atmospheric Science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and have taught entry level grad dynamics, so I can appreciate how well you presented the material...I learned a lot too, especially because I have never taken a forecasting course...I've been theoretical. I just want to give you some positive feedback and to let you know that you have a very good reputation within the cruising community, something you already know...you are the go-to-guy for the Caribbean in part because people know that you genuinely care and because you are a cruiser and understand...
Ron Welch, s/y Ananda

Heard you speak with WildHorse this am while I was watching the webcam......a huge comfort knowing he connected with you. Haven't heard from him but I took copious notes and am prepared to deliver your more in-depth info.
Carolyn, s/y WildHorse

Thank you for another season of wonderful cruising, largely due to your finely honed forcasting skills. Having departed Marsh Harbor, Wednesday morning, we arrived in Beaufort, NC, on Saturday morning at 11:30 AM, and other than two mornings of very mixed seas (which you HAD warned us about) , we had "the perfect" passage. It was my first time doing this, and I can't tell you how comforting it is to have your help.
Sarah Southworth, s/y Moonlight Serenade

We arrived in the Chesapeake safely, had a good sail for a few hours up the bay and stopped in Fishing Creek for a few days. Thanks for all the great weather advice over the past year, especially the Gulf Stream routing for this trip back from Bermuda. Having crossed the GS several times, this is the first time that we had little adverse current on the approach, and much of the time had 1+/- knot favorable current.
Ken & Janet Slagle, s/y Aquila

Based on your forecast (for Hurricane Paloma) I warned the manager of our complex and the Little Cayman Beach Resort about Paloma early (before she was Paloma). He was the only one on the 2 islands to completely evacuate the guests and workers. The other large resort actually took its guests out diving the day Paloma hit -- in spite of his warnings. Air flights are the only way off the island for those guests so they were unable to evacuate.

The S/Y Scooter is back after completing a three year circumnavigation on March 25. No where in my travels have I had such great weather coverage as what you provide. As the New Zealanders would say, "Good on you mate" and cheers.
Captain Bob, S/Y Scooter

I wanted to convey my thanks for your excellent weather advice during our recent passage from St. Thomas to Bradenton. Your forecasts were exceptionally accurate and helpful from departure to arrival (10 days).

Based on your advice, we knew what to expect from the tropical wave and the first cold front on Sunday, Nov 15th, were happy to get comfortably across the Gulf Stream in the narrow weather window that you predicted for us the next day, and were reefed down and ready for the second dry front that passed over us while we were heading south to the Keys from Miami overnight on Tuesday, Nov 17th.

It's nice to have weather advice you can count on when making a passage like that. Thanks for everything!
Hudson Hoen, Nevis, West Indies

I noticed over the 20 years I am here in St.Lucia now that you are one of the few if not the only ones who do not just repeat the NOAA predictions but adapt using your local knowledge. And that's very much appreciated.

You may recall I spent an Easter Sunday with you three years (I think) ago to learn the ins and outs of GRIB forecasts before heading across the pond. Four crossings later and Med / Caribbean sailing, it was one of the most valuable days I spent preparing. Helped hugely! Many thanks
John, s/y Ramble

Some years ago I tore a weather article out of Ocean Navigator, Dec. 2004 and got around to reading it again this weekend. One of the best weather articles I've read, good understandable explanations, etc. "Big Winds with Little Warning," Author: Chris Parker.
Jim Bloom, Valiant Lady

Just wanted to thank you for all your assists getting SV Tranquility to and from Haiti... safely. I can not say enough about the quality of your services to the cruising community.
Joan Conover, SV Growltiger
Seven Seas Cruising Assocation CS Coordinator

We've made it back to our home base near Annapolis safely and very satisfied with our two-year cruise. Had it not been for your accurate forecasts and wise advice we would surely have ventured into some nasty, uncomfortable, even dangerous situations. The fact that we never encountered dangerous weather, except for some thunderstorms off of Florida, which we evaded, helped make our voyage a success and (almost) worry-free.

We'll be in the Chesapeake for the time being, but we'll be in touch when we set out cruising again. Thanks so much!
Kim Cunningham, s/v Kikuyu

I've been meaning to send along a "thank you" for all your good guidance during our recent passage from Marsh Harbour to Block Island. I know the later stages of our voyage were a bit north of your usual grounds, but you hung in there with us and it turned out to be important. I also know at that time you were struggling to get back to normal after your lightning strike.

I was in contact with Herb in the afternoons, but he was having huge propagation problems, rendering him unintelligible. I do BuoyWeather aboard on SSB, but it was sure nice to have your expert interpretation of what was really happening and why.

We elected to stay in the Stream during that front that came through (at 0200, of course). I had 2 seasoned crew and WildHorse is a Valiant 42, so we chose our sail plan, battened down and were quite prepared. That said, you correctly predicted the big weather was coming from the SW to WSW, which is what occured. I would not have wanted to be there if the WX had gone north.

I just finished an article focusing on the Gulf Stream strategy of this passage and it has been accepted at Ocean Navigator. I mention you a couple of times in some paras on WX preparation.
Rick Meisner, Valiant 42 WildHorse

Susan and I wish to thank you for your very fine weather information and your understanding. We traveled about 1600 miles this season from Trinidad to Guatemala via St. Thomas using your guidance and your casts were A-1 over 90% of the time, a great track record.Best wishes, you will be hearing from Rejoice! in the fall mid Nov. or so.
Forest and Susan, s/y Rejoyce

Eddie and I want to thank you once again for providing us excellent weather forecasting service. Your forecast for the San Blas to Colon was right on the money. Without doubt, you are among the best of the best in this business, and are very well respected throughout the entire cruising community.
Thanks again Chris. As always, we will continue to highly recommend your services to all cruisers we meet in this part of the Caribbean.
Glenn & Eddie, M/V Tothill, Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

Today's specific reference to Cat Island ("Cat & C Exumas midnight: W@10 ahead / 340@25 behind FRONT, only slight chance for a squalls with FRONT") reminded me of an overdue New Year resolution to thank you for your outstanding work year-round and not just during hurricane season when we tend to memorize your forecasts! I advertise your services wherever I can, most recently and repeatedly last September to the Bahamas Emergency Management team who visited with us here on Cat and who are charged with hurricane preparedness throughout The Bahamas.
Ralph Ingersoll

Thank you for signing us up, it always feels good to support quality businesses. When I was a teenager my dad taught me something by which I have conducted my life by ever since and that was "that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well". Keep up the quality weather service.
Patrick Maslen, s/v Intrepid

Just a Merry Christmas & New Years note and a chance to tell you how much we appreciate your work. Once again a stellar year with a very low incidence of "off the mark" forecasts. Keep up the good work, it's unsurpassed.
Jan & Judie, s/y Meridian Chaser

[Your weather forecasts were great] there were no weather surprises... You called it right at every stage. You were the most valuable member of our crew and you will be again when we head back South in the Fall. I had some "spare" time on this trip and spent some of it reading your "Coastal and Offshore Weather" book. I have to tell you... great job at simplifying a complex subject.
James and Chantal, s/y Q

Chris, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do for cruisers like us out here. Thanks to your "Right On Forecast" today we've had a fantastic sailing day from Middle Bight on Andros over to Sampson's Cay. We're not quite there yet, just 3 miles to go, but just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated Chris. We've had overcast sky and 10-15 knots of wind from the N.W.throughout the day. The sun is out now, and it's just an unbeatable broad reaching sailing day!
Connie and Steve Ribakoff, s/v Better Days

After about nine (9) years of cruising from Calif to Columbia to Maine to the Bahamas, T&C I, and the Virgins, etc, we're done. Thanks for all your help along the way. Many many times your info was the most important item on our agenda and you never failed us.
Joe & Tracie, S/V Sea Loco, Punta Gorda, FL

Just wanted to say thank you for your help routing us from Norfolk to the Virgins. We anchored Culebra this morning, very sucessful, low stress, low damage trip. Your help was invaluable and very accurate. Best wishes
Guy Moppel & the rest of the crew, s/y Pickles

I wanted to thank you for your awesome work. We are new to the Caribbean, coming from Seattle, and are finding the weather here to be very unique and confusing. We just completed a passage from Providencia to Guanaja and your reporting was incredibly valuable.
Carl y Mei King, S/V Monju

Thank you for your assistance throughout the 2008 cruising season as MILANO MYST reached out and explored this year. While by ourselves a good portion of the 6 months we knew that we were never alone as long as we could hook up to 4045 in the morning. The peace of mind that you gave to our entire crew made for a great season.
Rob, Carole, Dayla and Daniel, sv MILANO MYST

We have talked to several boats which were both north and south of us [on our voyage to the Azores]. All experienced much worst weather than we did. They had winds ranging from 40 to 60 kts. The boat that followed Herb's advice to head south had the worst of it. It appears that my following the track recommended by Chris Parker we were right in the center of the low. Our barometer went from 1024mb to 999mb over several days.
Joe Barnette, s/y Hope and Glory Sunday, Horta Azores

Thanks for your storm forecast. I have a copy of the national newspaper with the date of Sunday June 1 stating: "The storm will not impact Belize". Everyone here said that the had notice the day the storm hit. Their main weather guy said that it was a fluke and nobody could have predicted it. Obviously a load of crapola. I think your service should be offered to the government here. They obviously need it. They lost 5 lives and had millions of dollars in damages which might have been mitigated with better notice.
Marc Blumenthal, S/V Alpha Wave

Thanks for the good forecasting leading into the unstable weather of the last week plus. we took shelter on your advice, but were delayed in getting tucked in due to needing to extend our visas with Belizean officialdom near Placencia. that afternoon, thirty minutes after anchoring in a protected bay a few miles north of Monkey River Town, Belize we experienced the first of many 40 knot squalls, and huge rains per your call! stayed there for seven days - and the weather is still unstable along the coast. big squall with lots of lightning last night to keep us on our toes.
Bob Auwood, SV Spray, Placencia, Belize

Thanks also for your superb weather skills....We had planned to leave Highborne Cay in the Exumas on Wednesday morning for Beaufort. Because of your warning about Sunday's front off the Carolina coast we decided to head to Charleston instead and arrived here Saturday around noon. THANK GOODNESS. We have been seeing 40+ knots of wind all Sunday morning safely at the dock in Charleston. Thank goodness we altered our plans. No one is ever always right but you come pretty close!
Roger and Amy, Shango

We left Great Sale Cay Friday morning April 25 and crossed over the banks at Middle Shoal @ 14:15 and headed for the Gulf Stream. Once we were in the Stream we raced north and your way-points proved to be invaluable to us. It seems you got them all right as we were able to round Cape Hatteras by 07:30 on Monday. We were able to get in the lea of the Cape and dodged the prefrontal storms on the way into Norfolk (though we did observe a very large water spout well offshore). We arrived in Norfolk at 02:00 Tues still with South winds. Again thanks for the Gulf Stream way-points, they enabled us to maintain an average of 8.1 knots, not bad for a Whitby 42.
Larry Donaldson and Janet Keachie, SV Star Shadow

Just wanted to let you know we are in Ponce, Puerto Rico. We arrived on friday around 0800. It took us 48 hours to get from Brunswick to Miami and then about 51/2 days from Miami to Ponce. We had great weather, made great time and missed most all of the squalls thanks to you.
Liz, s/v Salida

Your predictions were spot on and we had a great trip. 420 miles in 66 hours which, for Ariel, is quite an achievement. We are going back through the Turks and Caicos and I will be looking for similar advice in a week or so.
Charles Springett, S/V Ariel, Village Cay Marina, Tortola, BVI

I want to thank you for the service you provide. Not just in the ability to get weather but just in being there. Spending a long time out by myself it was nice to know that I could count on hearing familiar voices and catching up on where my friends are and were going. My mom appreciated the fact that if need be she could get in contact with me or you could at least let her know you had heard me. So I just wanted to say thanks and if you are ever in Kansas drop me a line and I will buy you a beer!

Talked to you Wed. AM and you recommended a Th.\ Fri. window for a trip from Nassau to Lake Worth. It turned out to be a record passage for us as we made the trip in exactly 27 hours with east winds at 20 to 25 dropping to 15 in the Gulf Stream. For our 35 foot Nicholson, this was a great time,particularly since we beat most of the larger vessels. The subscription to your service has been one of the best boating investments I have made in owning Random Run for over 32 years, and I am a frugal guy at that. Your book is great too. Welcome aboard.
Frank & Sherri Voorheis

We made it to Isla Mujeres with great wind. It was a perfect sail. The wind was strong, 15 to 25 kts mostly east all the way. When we got to the Yucatan Channel the winds turned ESE and we had a great sail all the way to the anchorage, 494 nm in 72 hours. Thanks for your help.I love what you wrote: THIS IS SOME OF THE MILDEST & MOST-SETTLED WEATHER THE NW CARIBBEAN HAS SEEN ALL WINTER Did we time this perfect or what? :)
Trisha Hayes, Aventura 440-04

I appreciate the honesty and accuracy of your forecasts and I have enjoyed listening to you each morning.
Maury and Bonnie, s/v Smidge

Thank you for your excellent services to us for the last few months. We really have appreciated having such accurate and timely information to assist our passage making decisions. You may recall our bit of excitement in December on our way to Antigua with the developing named storm Olga. It was truly amazing that as a direct result of your information we were about 100 nm north of our planned track which put us 10nm away from the vessel in distress. He was a very lucky man and whether one believes in providence or something more formal one can't help thinking we were meant to be there that day. Once again thank you for your assistance on the day with communications to USCG. We will be sure to sign up with you again in time for next season.
Adrian and Clare Richards, Flyin Low

Your service is wonderful....
Whenever we meet other cruisers, we let them know what a great service this is...they are amazed that you provide this most excellent service for a tremendous value...
Not only do you begin your day before, most any cruiser in the right mind..you do it pleasantly and patiently...and that is rare in these times...so THANK YOU...
Mike and Linda Araneda, s/v Yemonja

Your weather reports are just exactly what a cruiser needs to be safe and comfortable.
Bill and Sue Shafer, s/y Unchained

[During] our two year cruise to the eastern Caribbean (Chesapeake to Trinidad for hurricane season and back again)we've found your service invaluable. You do a great job, and your forecasts for us have always been very accurate. We like being in "paradise", but we also like the softest offshore passages we can find to get there. We wouldn't do it without you.You do the cruising community a great service.
Tom and Linda O'Connell, S/V Surprise, Island Packet 40

Thanks for the past services it really helped making our trip North a short and safe 18 days from the Bahama's to Halifax NS.
Pat n Ted, s/y Xcelsior

Many thanks to you and your insight and knowledge, it is very much appreciated. You provide a wonderful service, have a world class reputation and deserve a big thank you. So, thank you.
Jenny and Otis, S/V Independence

We were all amazed when the front arrived at 3:20PM Sunday, just 20 minutes after your predicted time! We saw an instantaneous windshift, from 5k out of the SW to 15k out of the NE
Cindy & Rick, s/v Dragonfly

It has been a pleasure - and a great relief - to have your forecasts available. As I'm sure you know, you have taken a major source of anxiety out of our cruising for the last 4 years, and made it a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. Thank you for your efforts and for the patient way you share your knowledge when you answer our questions. The education alone has been worth the cost of admission!
Frank, S/V Draco

Thank you for all the weather input for our trip [from the US]. You have been right on the money every time. We are making our turn south in the morning into St. Thomas.
Tom Rose, S/V Seraphim

Listening and speaking with you on daily basis over the last 10 months on our two trips to the Bahamas has been the number one comfort factor for our confidence in our cruising safety and enjoyment. We are big fans of yours and have recommended your net to others who also are now sponsoring vessels.
Jim Keegan, Magnificat

Thanks for your e-mails supplementing your forecasts. Devi and I departed Tobago early on Tuesday morning and made a fast passage to Prickly Bay Grenada. Your forecast was right on the money. Thank you for your prompt replies and the excellent quality of your forecasts.
Hunter Sharp, S/V Arctic Tern

First of all a big "thank you" for your great job. We are more than happy with your advises and only regret, not having signed in already two years ago...
Rudy & Lilian, s/y Shiva

Your forecasts are the most reliable that we have EVER seen. Keep up the good work, and thanks.
Kenny & Kathy, Mer Soleil

Your email forecasts are a pleasure. Tell you what you need to know, give you the background if you want it, all in layman's terms (pretty much like your book). The format is just great.
John Reid, s/y Ramble

I have 30 years as a pilot with briefings from Flight Service, never any as good as yours. I have depended upon your reports last year in the Bahamas and was always amazed at their validity.
Cal & Linda, s/y Grande Pirogue

Both of us thank you very, very much for the services you have provided for the past several years. Receiving the daily Caribbean and/or Bahamas reports via e-mail (on our satellite phone) was well worth the modest fee that you charge. It was particularly important to us since on our most recent boat we did not have SSB. We found your weather reports to be on the money almost without fail--no other service that we know of gives so much, so accurate information! We were also able to contact you via e-mail and satellite phone several times when on passage. This is another one of your services that was invaluable to us. We quickly learned to "Go" when you predicted a good weather window and sit in safe harbor when you said "No go". We have already recommended your services to our cruising friends and will continue to pass the word when we are in contact with the cruising community.
Clark and Ann Swayze, m/y Trust

Thanks for the great service. I am convinced you provide the best interpretation available. For whatever little bit you have to guess, you're generally the best guess around.
Fred R. Thomas

We arrived in Cayman Tuesday evening safe and sound. Thanks very much for all your help over the last two years its been a lot of fun and your contribution was invaluable. We couldn't have stayed moving through two hurricane seasons safely without your info and advice.
Peter and Mary Anne Kosa, s/y Lughnasa

We always appreciate your on target advice as do all the rest of the sailing community.
Bill and Sandy Donaldson, S/V Lucille- Saga 43

Lucky Star has arrived in Guadeloupe and will remain here for the hurricane season. Thank you very much for your excellent weather analysis and predictions allowing us to make the difficult easterly journey to the Caribbean in the safest manner possible. Having experienced your services, I will never again sail without them and I highly recommend you to cruisers we meet along the way.
Chris & Margit Mills, s/v Lucky Star

Your weather forecasting and delivery via SSB and e-mail are excellent. Tailored for the sailor and with more detail and insight than you can get from any other source. At first I was put off by you always giving caveats... well, it might do this or it might do that... But I came to appreciate your discussion of probability and alternates. When you listen to other marine forecasts you can only get a sense of that by looking for changing forecasts.

I would strongly recommend your service to anyone heading for the Bahamas. Your service is great and a bargain. The few minutes of advice you gave was worth every penny.
Guy Collins, s/y Shay La Mer

You were spot on as usual including the 30 and 40 knot squalls we had north of Bahamas and off Carolinas.
Tom, s/v Syrinx

I always pay particular attention to your advice which for years I always find more accurate and illuminating than anything else.
Captain Gary Corbin, m/y Cest La Vie